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Thomas Hayere (originally French) is one of the brand founders and its designer. He has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing accessories and jewelleries. His career path is a run of professional adventures in the advertising agency, several design companies including the company of the king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld. In 1996 meeting with his future wife Camille, an entrepreneur in fashion industry, became a turning point in his life. They decided to join experience and passion to start a new designer brand of handcrafted bijouterie and accessories. Ernesto de Barcelona became their new joint beginning. They made a decision to set up business in Barcelona because of its sunny colors and mood that inspire Thomas for new collections. The Mediterranean city in the heart of Catalonia became a hometown of Ernesto de Barcelona. Its atmosphere can be seen in each detail of the brand. 



Ernesto de Barcelona is a designer brand of unique handmade bijouterie, trendy jewelry and accessories made with special attention to women demand. The main brand concept compiles maritime spirit and atmosphere, which is reflected in all details. Design of each product is based on sea theme and variations; it embraces rich colors and uses eco materials of high quality that reveals comprehensive essence of the brand. The symbol of the brand is the dragonfly, which embodies lightness, grace and principal idea of the brand – sacramental place where the sea meets the land. For the brand owners dragonfly is a perfect emblem that captures two vital elements – water and earth. 


All accessories are handmade by the brand craft team under the guidance of the designer. Ernesto de Barcelona collections are true and timeless pieces of art that awake the desire for sea traveling and keep your special memories of sunny days spent on the shores.​ Ernesto's creativity is inspired by the mystery and endless beauty of nature. Majestic and mystics of the ocean, mountains, rivers and forests are our spiritual guides. In our pursuit to a more beautiful world we design our collections in harmony with the Earth. We believe that the more we reuse, the less we have to take from our planet. With this mission we follow eco concept and use recycled aluminum and wood in the production that reveals comprehensive essence of our brand.

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